Sunday, February 22, 2009

Surviving Parent...

As you know I spent last week on Capitol Hill or "on the Hill," lobbying for funding for the Adam Walsh Bill. This bill was signed into federal law two years ago, a nice pretty photo op was given and then funding was ever given and the bill has pretty much sat there with no teeth to change a thing for America's children. So, our group The Surviving Parent's Coalition spent last week lobbying to Congress to change this and get the ball moving. Abductions are on the rise and Internet crimes against children are atrocious.

Last year I took some time off of my child advocacy work to regroup my focus and spend some time with my family. Now because our law makers are simply dragging their feet on something that is so extremely important to the children of this country it is time to get back out there and fight for what is right...and that is keeping these kids safe.

The past ten years of living without my daughter Andi have been difficult. Seeing her friends now off to college and getting married is another aspect of the unfairness of violent crime. I will never see her go to college or hold my grandchildren...but I can make sure someone else gets too.

Please email your Congressman and urge him to support the Adam Walsh Bill and allocate the funding that rightfully belongs to it.


Kimmy said...

Glad your back doing something so important, I will email my congressman and tell everyone I know to do the same. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help this great cause. Love you, Kim

Amy said...

It is an honor to know you. I wish that everyone was passionate about this. I will email my congressman and encourage others to as well.