Saturday, February 1, 2014

Zachary Holly Defense: "Death Penalty Cruel and Unconstitutional."

You all know my stance on the death penalty. Yet, I feel I must state again that when you take a 6-year-old child out of her bed, carry her next door to an abandoned house, and then brutally rape and smother her, you should not be allowed to start whining that the death penalty is cruel. What is cruel is that there is a murdered little girl in this case, a 6-year-old cherub. 
Hey, Zachary Holly how can you even say that a little needle prick in your arm anywhere compares to being brutally raped and murdered. 
And, you people who defend these animals should reevaluate your souls.  
I'm so sick of it. 
PS Thank you Judge Karren. 

BENTONVILLE, Ark. —Judge Karren denied a motion from Zachary Holly's defense attorneys request for the death penalty to be taken off the table in Holly's murder trial. Holly's defense team called the penalty "cruel and unconstitutional."
Prosecutors said they will continue to seek the death penalty.
In August 2013, Holly was found fit to stand trial for the murder of Jersey Bridgeman after undergoing a mental evaluation. 
Holly's trial is scheduled for July 29 at 8:30 a.m. The defense has requested more time to get DHS records from California. 
On Nov. 20 2012, 6-year-old Jersey Bridgeman was reported missing from her home where she lived with her mother, Desarae Bridgeman in Bentonville. Within minutes, her body was found in a nearby vacant home. 
Holly, 24, was charged with Bridgeman's death. According to a police report, he and his wife lived next door to the family and  they had babysat Jersey the night before.
Holly has pleaded not guilty to charges of capital murder, kidnapping, rape and residential burglary. 
The young girl's death ended a short life marred by abuse. Her father and stepmother were sentenced to prison after being convicted of chaining her to a dresser in 2011.

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