Thursday, February 6, 2014

Police Arrest Convicted Sex Offender for Failing to Comply

Police arrest convicted sex offender for failing to comply with reporting requirements.

38-year-old Joseph Jackson Edwards tells police he is homeless.

SPRINGDALE, Ark. —Springdale police said they arrested 38-year-old Joseph Jackson Edwards for failure to comply with reporting requirements as a sex offender on Wednesday.Edwards is a high-risk level 3 sex offender in the state of Arkansas, according to a news release. He was convicted Jan. 14 of a sex crime and sentenced to probation.

Authorities said Edwards did not check in with local law enforcement after being sentenced to probation, and they had been searching for him. They found him Wednesday at Casey’s General Store, on Old Missouri Road.
Police took Edwards to the Washington County Detention Center. Edwards told authorities he was homeless.
Springdale police said Edwards had been arrested four times for indecent exposure since 2009.
*Note from Rebecca*
 It's a scary world. Everyone please be aware of your surroundings and look out for creepers like this. There are trolls in the world, folks. Be safe. If you think I am being cruel by saying that, I am sorry (kind of) but, this guy knows what he is and evaded the law. The last thing anyone wants to see is him exposing himself, gross. Cudos to the Springdale Police Department for arresting him before he re-offended, because he would have...he's done it four times since 2009 and why he keeps getting out of the clink I will never know. Maybe they will keep him this time. Anyway, well done, SPD. 

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