Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Message from Rebecca

In an effort to keep this blog with a human touch and not all just news stories copied from the AP wire I will do my best to comment on things.

I spent some time on the phone yesterday with Jessica Lunsford's father Mark, as well as other parent's who have lost children to abduction and or murder. First of all I must say that I just want to give Mark a hug. I can tell you from personal experience what he is going through is something a parent should NEVER have to endure. To sit in an open courtroom and hear all the things a predatory monster did to your child is torture. So, if you want to send an email or some encouragement to Mark please visit The Jessica Lunsford Foundation website and send your thoughts and prayers his way. Trust me...he needs it.

To the other parent's I visited with yesterday. I am so proud of all of you. Together with our War Against Predators we will change this nation. I am so happy that we are uniting with one voice. There is strength in numbers and each and every one of us have a powerful story and message to share. Let's do this thing.

And just a personal message to my daughter, Andi (don't mean to sound weird here):

Andi...I will never give up. I will fight for your memory and legacy forever. I love you.


Lexie Ward said...

The blog looks excellent Becc! Keep up the good work.

TommyFoundation said...

Bravo Becca!

While Tommy's abduction and murder wasn't by a sexual preditor, I fully support your's,Mark's and Erin's campaign to make the world a safer place for our children.

I am honored to know you!

Always In Hope

Vicki Kelly

Mary L. Greenwood said...

It is entirely my pleasure to know you. Thank you for all that you do for the families of missing and exploited children as well as the videos that you make.
I Love You,
Mary Greenwood

Andi's Safe Place said...

Garsh!!!! You all are so nice. Love you all!!!